A brief overview of the company

Our first institution in designing and programming screens for exterior building facades using smart RGB led lighting, as well as transparent display screens for interior glass facades with Nexnovo technology. We provide innovative solutions for all control systems because lighting design has become an extension of architectural design, which has an impact on improving visibility and integrating shape, color and width, as light is an essential element of life and important to any architectural project.

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Our Goals

Achieving the objectives of our lighting project in a modern way, providing innovative and distinct lighting solutions designed with the highest quality and at the lowest cost, achieving a creative vision for the concept of lighting design in an elaborate and effective manner, achieving environmental goals through reducing energy and maintenance costs, providing eye-catching effects and lighting without Defects or defects.

Our Vision

The pursuit of excellence and creativity through innovation, development, and reliance on acquired technical knowledge to achieve a unique leadership position in the design and programming of exterior building façade screens

Our Mission

We seek to reach new horizons and work to develop our society, our country and all the societies in which we are located by developing our products and improving our service for the benefit of our customers.

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