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The external lighting is constantly exposed to high heat, rain and humidity. The high quality of the product guarantees its durability in these conditions.

High brightness

The transparent screen has a maximum brightness of 9000 cd / m2, but the maximum brightness is set to work at 7500 cd / m2 to ensure good performance with high brightness even during daytime work while ensuring a longer screen life.

Simple and premium design

All products use high quality aluminum frames, beautiful appearance, light weight, durable and safe quality.

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A brief overview of the company

Our first institution in designing and programming screens for exterior building facades using smart RGB led lighting, as well as transparent display screens for interior glass facades with Nexnovo technology. We provide innovative solutions for all control systems because lighting design has become an extension of architectural design, which has an impact on improving visibility and integrating shape, color and width, as light is an essential element of life and important to any architectural project.

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